Care and Outreach

As an active member of the local community, our Parish is committed to playing its part in supporting those in need.


This frequently involves working in cooperation with other community and faith groups, raising funds for local charities, supporting the sick, bereaved and distressed, feeding the hungry and responding to urgent needs in our community and beyond.


We are also very aware of our responsibility as members of the global community, whether it be in terms of financial support, active engagement including young adults volunteering for charitable projects abroad or playing our part in trying to build a fairer, more just and equitable world where all can flourish.


Here are some of the groups, initiatives and activities we currently take part in.


If you are interested in joining any of the groups or volunteering please use the contact details if given or contact the parish office for more information

If you are expecting to be admitted to hospital for more than a day or two, you may wish to be visited by a Catholic Chaplain. NHS hospitals generally give you an opportunity to disclose your religion on their admission form and to indicate if you would like a visit. If you do, it is likely you will be visited within the following few days. If you do not say you are a Roman Catholic, the Chaplain will not normally be aware of you. A problem can arise if you are admitted as an emergency when only basic details, name age, address and next of kin may be recorded. You can also ask your family/friends to contact the parish office to inform the clergy.  Contact Form Here

Hospital Visits

The Parish does provide bereavement support by trained individuals, if you would like help please do contact Diane at the parish office in the first instance by telephone on 01428 643877 or by using the contact email form Here


Charitable projects are selected by The Haslemere One World Group who make recommendations to the Parish Priest and the Pastoral Council.     


Membership is open to everyone in Haslemere, Chiddingfold and Hindhead.  Each member contributes £5 per month and a draw is held each month to determine the allocation of prizes.  The first prize is £265 and second prize is £70. Anyone wanting to join should contact Richard Debbie Stanton Here

'The 100 Club'
Our Lady Periyanayagi Church in Nangathur Parish

Is one of the oldest parishes in the archdiocese of Podicherry and Cuddalore. Fr Y Mahimaidoss Oli, the Parish Priest has been very grateful in the past for all the help he has received from the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes towards the building of the church and the wonderful generator.  They would now like to provide seating for the elderly, sick and disabled parishioners.

House Building In Nepal 

In December 2017, two intrepid members of our parish, father and son Vince and Jamie Prior are off to Nepal in the Himalayas as volunteers for the Habitat for Humanity house building programme. This programme aims to help with the building and reconstruction of houses in impoverished parts of Nepal where there has been an ongoing housing crisis even before the catastrophic devastation caused by the 2015 earthquake.  You can find out more information and how to sponsor Here

The Ecumenical Group

The role of the Ecumenical Group is to lead the Parish in sharing our Christian life together with the other Christians in our community as fully and widely as we can, in love and service to God, and to God’s world.  In doing so, we acknowledge the sincerity of each tradition of faith; rejoice in our common Christian faith and heritage, and give thanks to the Holy Spirit for leading us into closer friendship and unity of purpose.


The Group has members from each of our parish churches and meets [with our priest] three times a year to initiate and co-ordinate activities in the community and with other Christian churches.  We would be delighted to hear from any parishioner who would like to join our Group.   Simon Fraser leads the Group and can be contacted Here


Parishioners participate in various traditional ecumenical events through the year including:


  • Walks of Witness on Good Friday, Lent Lunches, Stations of the Cross and services in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 

  • An annual Taizé Service in Haslemere

  • Participation in the last two Haslemere Festivals: a talk by our Bishop and a talk and performance by the Wintershall Players

  • Hosting in our Hall the Hustings prior to the 2015 General Election

  • Annual Lent lunch and other activities as part of Chiddingfold’s ‘Joint Churches’ initiative

In 2017, we have participated in the Thy Kingdom Come worldwide programme initiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury and hosted in Haslemere by Methodist Church where we created a prayer station and led one of the services.


The Wave is a movement of local churches joining together to serve Haslemere in practical ways and is co-ordinated by 3 Counties Church and takes place on Saturday mornings. The annual summer Wave Week took a break in 2017 to allow a new vision for serving and blessing local people to be developed.  Instead, 2017 saw the launch of the first "Summer Reach" in Haslemere.


We are also represented and periodically host “Men’s Breakfast” which is an ecumenical group that comes together from time to time on a Saturday for a breakfast followed by a talk and discussion.


For more information on both Men’s Breakfasts and the Wave, please contact James Rapp, Here

Haslemere One World Group


All charitable giving from funds raised in the Parish i.e. Lottery, 100 Club, Christmas Fair, etc. is now co-ordinated by the Haslemere One World Group who consider applications and make recommendations to the Parish Priest and the Parish Pastoral Council. If anyone believes that a particular charity should receive our support please could you contact Carole Holloway HERE


Thank you to all the work that has gone on to support the HOWG and to the new members for joining. We are looking forward to a really productive 2019 and would welcome more new members,  for further details please contact Carole Holloway  (Chair) or Gail Maguire

The Haslemere One World Group fundraises across the parish to help those in need, both at home and overseas. Small projects are identified, where our donations can make a real difference, often with a local connection. This facilitates sending money directly to the point of need. Our friendship, prayers, and moral support are appreciated as well as the financial contribution we can offer. Each year, fundraising generally focuses on two main projects overseas and one in our local area, whilst continuing to make smaller one-off donations and respond to emergencies. Most often, events take the form of enjoyable social occasions which parishioners and friends can share whilst, in the process, supporting those less fortunate. Projects are researched and events planned by a committee, based at St. Anselm’s.


There are many roles for which others can volunteer to publicise the projects and bring events to fruition. The committee are also very keen to recruit more representatives from the other churches of the parish, bringing fresh perspectives and charitable links. If you would like to be involved, in any capacity, or to discover more about the causes to which our parish efforts are currently directed, contact Haslemere One World Group Here.

Parish Support for
Edgar Skakurow  of Belarus.

Recently The Haslemere One World Group received donations from both individuals and the Parish to enable Edgar Skakurow a resident of Belarus, to purchase a motorised wheelchair; greatly enhancing his quality of life.

Edgar has expressed his fulsome gratitude for the kindness and generosity that has been shown to him and has sent this photo showing his treasured acquisition in use.

APF-Mill Hill's Red Boxes

Missio brings the hope of the Gospel where there are turmoil, poverty and uncertainty in the world, and where the Church is new, young or poor.  Missio empowers local people to form and sustain communities of faith and they train and nurture future leaders so that the vital work of the Church in the world can take place.


APF-Mill Hill's Red Boxes can be found in over 200,000 Catholic homes in England and Wales. The pounds and pennies that are put into these boxes go to fund the vital work of the Catholic Church abroad, by bringing God's love and hope to the poorest and most in need.


It is easy to become a Red Box holder – you just need to contact David Allen and he will arrange to give you your very own Red Box. Put it somewhere prominent in your home and drop spare change into it whenever you can.  Contact David Here