Food Bank

The Haslemere Food Bank is an initiative of the churches in Haslemere in response to requests from a number of local agencies. Although primarily a church initiative, support and volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds.


People in need are referred to the Food Bank by local statutory and voluntary agencies.


Food is donated via collection boxes located around the area. All churches in the parish collect food for the food bank as well as many other local organisations.


An up to date list of needs is published monthly in our parish news sheet and parishioners are encouraged to add one or two items a week to their weekly food shop to support those in need in our community.


If you know of someone in need please refer them to one of the following,


The Health Centre or G.P, Their child’s school, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Home Start, Three Counties Money Advice, based at Hasleway, Waverly Social Services or any of the local Churches.


The Food Bank welcomes new volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please contact David Rice at Here

Haslemere Food Bank Summer 2019 update

Dear Food Bank Supporters,

We have a new list of food needed for our Summer lunches program to support the families during the holidays.


Donations for families over the SUMMER HOLIDAYS 2019

Tinned ham & tinned corned beef          

Packets of crisps              

Multi-pack Kit-Kat or cereal bars              

Small bottles of squash

Peanut butter  



Instant whip      






As always we thank you all for your generous contributions throughout the year.