Liturgy Of the Hours 

The Liturgy of the Hours (also known as the Divine Office) is the richest single prayer resource of the Christian Church. It provides prayers, psalms and meditation for every hour of every day.


It has existed from the earliest times, to fulfil the Lord's command to pray without ceasing. Never monotonous, always new, it provides the means for the whole world, united, to pray together and sanctify every hour of every day of every year.

Current Roman Catholic usage focuses on three major hours and from two to four minor hours:

Office of Readings (formerly Matins ), major hour

Morning prayer, ( Lauds) major hour

Evening Prayer, (Vespers) major hour

Daytime prayer, which can be one or all of:

Mid-Morning Prayer (Terce)

Midday Prayer (Sext)

Mid-Afternoon Prayer (None)

Night Prayer (Compline)