Christian Meditation

Christian meditation is the prayer of the heart which leads to contemplation, to love.


When we meditate we are not appealing to God for anything we are just being with him in the present moment.


Christian meditation does not replace other forms of prayer; all prayer is necessary and fruitful. However, if you meditate regularly you will find your whole prayer life becomes deeper and more fruitful.


Most Christian meditation groups in the UK practice the discipline of meditation from the teaching of John Main who developed a tradition of meditative prayer from the desert fathers and mothers, St Anthony, John Cassian, St Benedict and Jesus’ teaching on prayer. (Sermon on the Mount Mt 6).


Meditation groups in and around Haslemere and Chiddingfold will be found in Farnham (St Joan’s Catholic Church). Chilworth Benedictine Abbey, St Nicholas Church Guildford High St. St Joseph’s RC church Guildford. St James CE church Elstead. These groups are usually led by a Benedictine Oblate from WCCM or a trained teacher in the tradition.


To find a place and time that suits you go to World Community of Christian Meditation (WCCM.UK) web site where you will find a short video of how to meditate in this tradition. And a directory of meditation groups in the UK.


The WCCM teaches Christian meditation in Christian primary schools throughout the UK and is developing small internet meditation communities for housebound people and those who have difficulty travelling to a group due to working hours etc. News about this initiative can be found on their website.


If you wish to be on our local information list to receive information about retreats/silent days/teaching days etc please contact Jan McGrory Here