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Getting married ?

By this sacrament your Grace unites man and woman in an unbreakable bond of love and peace.” (Marriage Rite)


Many congratulations on your decision to be married. The most important part of the preparation for Marriage in the Catholic Church is truly understanding the Sacrament. 

1 Step - The Church

The first step is to contact the Parish Priest, to arrange a meeting with him. At this meeting, he will discuss various matters including the Marriage Service, the Marriage preparation course, paperwork, Church Fees and the date of the Wedding. (It is advisable not to book the venue before you have had this initial meeting).  At further meetings, the readings and hymns can be agreed to enable the Order of Service to be finalised. As the service is a religious celebration it is expected that music and readings will reflect this.

Fill in the Preliminary Form 

The Church

2 Step - Photographs

Just Married

Your photographer is allowed to take photographs in the church as long as they do not get in the way or distract attention from the service, and similarly with video recordings. This is best discussed with the Priest.  However with sound or vision recordings you may be breaking copyright laws by recording marriage texts, hymns and music. So if you want to record the service the onus is on you to obtain a license.

3 Step - Flowers


There are several flower arrangers in the Parish (including a professional florist who can also include the reception venue flowers) who understand which flower arrangements suit our Churches best.  It is a requirement to donate a flower arrangement for the Parish Sunday Mass.

4 Step - Civil aspect

Legal Marriage

You need to provide the necessary legal documentation which you must obtain from your local Register Office*. They will give you a Marriage Schedule form which needs to be given to the Parish Priest who is also acting as Registrar for your wedding. Both St Teresa of Avila, Chiddingfold and Our Lady of Lourdes, Haslemere are Registered Buildings.

*The local Register Office, if you live in this Parish, is in Guildford at:

Artington House,

Portsmouth Road,

Guildford GU2 4DZ

If you are thinking about getting married in the Parish contact the Parish Priest  now   

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