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Haslemere Food Bank are officially launching their Christmas Appeal.

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

In the run up to Christmas, we are appealing for food and non-food donations as per usual, but at this time we are also appealing for items that can support families and children over the festive period.

Anything festive including mince pies, small Christmas cakes and puddings (400g size), small boxes of biscuits and chocolates, Pringles, bags of nuts, soft drinks and 6-packs of crisps are ideal. (Please ensure that best before dates are dated beyond the end of 2020).

We are also collecting for our gift distribution. Any BRAND NEW toys, games, books and gifts for adults and children alike would be gratefully received.

It would help to have things at the Food Bank early in the week beginning December 14th, but not too long before.


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